Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing with Yarn. God's Eye

I thought this was a fun idea.  I remember making them as a kid.  I never liked the ones that only had 2 sticks, but 3 makes a pretty hex. 

Recent Things :
1. Halloween today
2. I joined plurk.  I am jknitma if you are a plurker.
3. I like making ornaments
4. My podcast Rav Group has 49 members. Recording again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Megan and I did start a podcast. We taped it last night.

So if you are following my blog and you want to be informed when the episode is uploaded, follow Megan and I on Stockinette Zombies.

I am working away on my Nerd Wars projects so that I might turn something in before the end of the Round 1.  It will be a Team Unity Project when I get it done.  Poor Poet Mitts!! From Inara to Kaylee. 
 Now for the really bad cell phone pic.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Losing my MOJO...

I barely knit all this weekend.  I have so much on the needles that I want to do, but at the moment it is not process knitting. So I am thinking to myself :  "I just want to be done with this"  So maybe I over committed to Nerd Wars or maybe I picked too many awesome big projects... I am not sure.

Goodale in Madelinetosh  Pashmina
This is my Loopy Q4 Challenge and my Nerd Wars Dissertation.  I want to be done already, and I am not sure after all this knitting if I like the fabric it is making.  And I have a mistake in row 3 that I am calling a feature, as I am not going back!

In other knitting: I am loving my monsters.  The are quick and fun!
I am going to back off the toys for a little while so that I can finish some socks.

I am still working on the podcast idea. Megan and I might need to start with them being separate for the first few, maybe make them ping-pong so that we can have more of them in a month.  Or delay the start until her littlest is older.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Podcast? What say you?

I am thinking of venturing into the podcast world...