Monday, June 27, 2011

Loopy Swap package.. Yeah for Yarn Mail!

My swap partner in Texas sent me a lovely package that was a bit funny too. I will explain after you look at the picture of all the fun goodies

So you can see the awesome shawl, which is a Wendy's Summer Mystery Shawl in Madelinetosh Light.  Some stars that I am using as coasters.  Mini socks and keychains! A very nice skein of Mad Vintage in Fathom.  The funny part comes when I say that I am making this shawl now in green :) and that I have the exact yarn used in the shawl queued up to be an Austin Hoodie.  Somehow she knew me too well!
THANK YOU lisa33 for my lovely package!

Now I am just waiting for the package I made to land in AZ.

Have a happy Monday all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camp Loopy and Stash Dash

So I started a thread in the loopy groupies group on Ravelry for scabs like me that are knitting for camp loopy from stash yarn.  I may do one of the projects with all the discounts going on, but then again....

I am knitting a Spectra scarf for my Camp Loopy a long...

****Insert of picture is not working for me today!!! ARGH! I will try to edit later

I am trying to knit like crazy for Stash Dash... I have 2 stealth projects that I can add today (no pictures until the swap pals get their packages)  I am making fun progress on my dress and I have a picture to share, but since it is not working I will like you to my Ravelry Project - Dress

I hope to make it to knitting today... Maybe Megan will bring the baby by... hint hint

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Knit Girllls prize!!

I won a prize from Knit Girllls thanks to my friend Megan.  I really like hanging out in the Ravelry Group for the Knit Girllls.  Without further ado my yarn :

As for my stash dash... Well I am still working on FOs.  I hope to have some very soon.  I have a few more inches on the socks and they are done.  The dress is going to be hard to keep going... just over 200 rows to go that's all :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

WWKIP - Amusement Park

This is me at Adventureland in Iowa knitting on a sock outside the Tilt-A-Whirl.  The blue drink is an ICEE(blue Raspberry).
I will be out doing WWKIP on the 18th too at Rock the Garden in Minneapolis. This is a crazy awesome concert and I cannot wait!!!

We are looking for some all day sitters to take the place of MIL. She is traveling all week and if we can get a sitter we are going to let her stay home :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

In the round!

I have finally started to knit the skirt panels on my dress.  I am excited to not be purling so much.  I am posting from my phone again so there is not much else I can include.  Who is knitting in public tomorrow?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday @ Work - Little Black Dress

So I am not able to work in the round yet, but I am getting so close!  One long car ride away from AWESOME in the round.  The construction on this dress is fun.  I started with a back piece that covers the shoulder blade area, then I picked up stitches for the should straps and knit to the underarms, then joined all of these pieces back and forth, so once I have it joined in the round I should be able to slip the stitches onto some scrap yarn and TRY IT ON!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Being a Better Blogger...

I am working on making my posts better, so I have made some helpful changes to the last 2 posts.  I am going to start this post with the sad passing of another LYS in Rochester.  I know that most knitters think it would be fun to have a shop, but it sounds like they are a lot of work and need a real saleswoman at the lead.  Having said this I would like to run a yarn shop, but it would be vastly different than any shop that we have had here in Rochester.  As I am a online shopper, that would be the first feature I would add for sure.  Also I would like to get more local dyers and popular yarn bases with exclusive colors that would be a one-time must-have ;) 

All of this sounds like grand fun, but would I have this shop open to the public? Not very often and it would be more like a private shopping experience.  I would hold many "gatherings" that would have the option to shop too! I would find classes hard to charge for, so I would have KALs that would have a fun and fancy yarn that you would have to buy at the shop.  Maybe get some famous knitters in the area to hold court at the start of each KAL. 

Okay this was fun brain storming.  Anyone want to open a yarn shop with me?

Above is my citron, a free pattern from
I will admit that this shawl was a chore at the end.  I was not enjoying it, but it was dead simple and looks awesome, so I still recommend it!