Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick of being Sick!

I have been sick since Wednesday last week and though I am feeling better I cannot say that I am well :P

So I did take some pictures for you all. I am going to start with a picture of my traveling sweater picture, but what I really love about this is my new portable yarn bowl (That is what I am calling it anyway....)

It is from 31 Gifts and I bought it for my scrapbooking hobby, but the yarn wanted it more.  If anyone is interested in one of these I will have a book party so that you can get your hands on one ;)

As for the survey on Wednesday, I did not get many comments, so I asked little miss to pick the yarn ( each yarn had a pattern planned for it) and the winner is.....
A really bad cell phone pic of tiny tea leaves cardigan in DiC Classy Into the Mystic (I think)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday @ Work

I had to record some education videos this morning.  So embarrassing!  I managed to no cough through it, so that was good.  So what am I knitting at this time... Lots of stuff, but I want to start something new so I will ask which item to start for little miss.  I am thinking of knitting A Jacket or A Dress or A Cardi ... The jacket would be Red, the dress would be purple and multi, and the cardi would be a pale pink. WHICH ONE? let me know in a comment.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sorry for the Lack of posts...

Work was so busy and stressful on Friday that I completely forgot!  I started a hat for my son this weekend for some quick knitting, so I will share some pictures of that later today :)  Talk to you all later!

Just a simple ribbed hat, that I may put a pompom on.  I am using Malabrigo Chunky.  Working with this chunky makes me want to cast-on the DiC Groovy I have in my stash.

Monday is stressful at work too, but only because I am working part of it at home with my son.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday @ Work

Sucked!  Not the best day at work, so I am picking up some cookie ingredients and I am going home to bake some cookies.  I will miss the folks at knitting club tonight, but maybe if we (the kids and I) can get done with the cookies in time I will take them to knit night.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow, how time flies!  I am sorry about the NO post on Friday, I am not even sure what was going on.

I got my Loopy Ewe Club package and already started the socks.... I do not have pictures yet.

So I will share my shawl pictures.  I plan to it send off in the mail very soon :)

This is the 22 leaves shawlette by Lankakomero 
This shawl seemed to go pretty fast and I really like the results.  It is headed to Canada in a few short days to brighten someone's day. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday @ Work

Okay so today I do not have pictures of what I brought with me, but I brought my Swap Shawl that has 3 rows and a bind-off left! I also brought my sock 2 in progress (see last week).  Lastly I brought a sweater that was hibernating, but now I have worked just over 2 more inches on it! 

I got a loopy package... It had a Knit Light, which I tested out in a dark room, but I will let you know how it really worked the first time I have to use it. Also I got the February DiC yarn.

It came with a great shawl pattern to!  My picture makes it look a little too pink.  If it were just a touch warmer I would take picture outside in the morning, but alas it was -7 this morning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a peek...

My shawlette is going strong and I have a little picture:
So I went to some super bowl parties and did not have my knitting with.  Not knitting during sporting seemed a little odd.  I should have my yarn purchased with my last $25 credit with The Loopy Ewe by the end of the day! So some yarn pictures are coming!  Also I am in 2 clubs so I think that they ship this week!!!

So I am going to ask a question for today. What yarn is your favorite yarn as of TODAY... I know it could be something else tomorrow ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday! with FO

Okay, so I got some Swap goodies that I just love. The cell phone picture are truly bad this time, but the one of the socks I got turned out, so I am going to share that :

Thanks so much to my swap partner Mandy (baconfairy) These are such cool socks and out of Bugga no less!
She really spoiled me.  I got some cupcake stitch markers from, chocolate, music CDs, Zauberball sock yarn!, and some plushies for the kids.

Now for my FO:  I made one of these for dear daughter and a cousin asked me if I would not mind making one for her daughter.  I am a sucker for such requests.  I finished it.

Ravelry Link  - If you need more knitty details.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday @ Work

I hope you are enjoying the blog so far.  If you have some suggestions, leave a comment.  I could really use some ideas on how to make this better. 
So here is the first peek at my shawl for the swap I am going in the Knit Girllls group out on Ravelry. 
Okay so that is not fair.  How do you like my project bags? 
My cell phone pictures will get better when it gets nicer out.  I think it was a whopping 3 degrees this morning.

I took some pictures of the kitty last night, when I have them off the camera, I will share them.  She is pretty cute.