Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday! with FO

Okay, so I got some Swap goodies that I just love. The cell phone picture are truly bad this time, but the one of the socks I got turned out, so I am going to share that :

Thanks so much to my swap partner Mandy (baconfairy) These are such cool socks and out of Bugga no less!
She really spoiled me.  I got some cupcake stitch markers from, chocolate, music CDs, Zauberball sock yarn!, and some plushies for the kids.

Now for my FO:  I made one of these for dear daughter and a cousin asked me if I would not mind making one for her daughter.  I am a sucker for such requests.  I finished it.

Ravelry Link  - If you need more knitty details.

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