Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday @ Work

I hope you are enjoying the blog so far.  If you have some suggestions, leave a comment.  I could really use some ideas on how to make this better. 
So here is the first peek at my shawl for the swap I am going in the Knit Girllls group out on Ravelry. 
Okay so that is not fair.  How do you like my project bags? 
My cell phone pictures will get better when it gets nicer out.  I think it was a whopping 3 degrees this morning.

I took some pictures of the kitty last night, when I have them off the camera, I will share them.  She is pretty cute.

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Barbara B. Solbrig said...

It was 0 here at my house up until about half-an hour ago, now it is up to 1.
I love those project bags!